I had to pleasure to visit the Rancho Bernardo Inn as their guest recently; it had been on my radar for over a year and I finally had a break in my schedule to take the short flight from Seattle to San Diego to check it out. So glad I did!

First of all, anywhere I plan to book a group needs to meet the following criteria right off the top:

  • Value – Getting more (whatever you define as “more”) than for what you paid.
  • Service – Always expect good service, especially at a luxury property.
  • Meeting spaces – Functional, well lit, easy to access, comfortable.
  • Food & beverage – Good quality and selection at a range of price points to suit a variety of needs.

That being said, here are my top five reasons to bring a group to this unique independent resort.

Why you should hold your next event at the Rancho Bernardo Inn

Surprise and delight

This is what greeted me when I arrived in my room!

I personally have never seen this before and let out a schoolgirl’s squeal of glee (I say this without any embarrassment). My company logo on the wall! This would be such a special touch for newlywed couples, keynote speakers, or your company’s VIPs!

No resort fee

Rancho Bernardo Inn has very competitive group room rate pricing, but even beyond that the difference is there is no resort fee. Resort fees can range from $15-45 per room/per night depending on the property. This usually dramatically impacts the budget for your event. The owners of this resort don’t believe in charging extra for amenities like Wi-Fi or use of the pools.

Lovely and secluded event spaces

As I walked the grounds on my tour, all I could think of was “I want to plan an event here on this very spot!” I must have said it out loud five or six times. A trellis with grapes hanging down. A secluded lawn surrounded in roses. A large ballroom with unique ranch style décor and lots of natural light.

The spa

There are several pools at the resort, but by far my favorite was the large adults-only saline spa pool. Italian Cypress trees line the courtyard. I felt like I was on holiday in another country. The Spa Bar serves unique cocktails and tasty food in a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. I would recommend reserving a cabana especially if there are several of you planning to enjoy the afternoon there.

The food

During my two-day stay, I made sure to try the drinks and food at every outlet. Everything was consistently delicious and creative. I really appreciated the efforts that the chefs put into the locally sourced ingredients – some of which are grown on property. For example, their take on bacon wrapped scallops was seared scallops with tender pork belly topped with a crispy pork rind. Fantastic! The welcoming and knowledgeable service staff advised us on the menu and made us feel like guests in their home.

If you are considering Scottsdale or Palm Springs for your next group, I would highly recommend adding the Rancho Bernardo Inn to your list.  Planners often only consider waterfront options for San Diego, but this hidden gem is only a quick 30-minute ride away. With the expansion of the San Diego airport, getting there is even easier now.

Just give me a ring or email me if you need assistance with any of your upcoming events.

Jackie Wood, Founder + Maven

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