Outsourcing for non-profit auction success

MWI Salmon demonstration

As a busy working mom with a teenager, I do a lot of driving around…A LOT. If only I could outsource this task…Oh wait- I can! I am now saving 2.5 hours a week by having his soccer teammate/neighbor take him home from practice every day.

  • Win #1 – He gets to hang out with a buddy.
  • Win #2 – I get that time back!
  • Win #3 – His “chauffeur” earns some much-appreciated gas money.

What could you outsource to save your time and resources (and sanity)? We have several non-profit clients who chose to outsource their annual fundraising auction in order to create their success.

  • Win #1 – Get the event professionals who run multiple fundraisers annually to apply their expertise and ideas for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Win #2 – Free up time for the board of directors, staff and volunteers to focus on their “day job” and other important tasks that often fall by the wayside during auction madness. After all, there is still a non-profit to run!
  • Win #3 – Attendees and donors get to enjoy a smooth-running enjoyable event while supporting a cause they believe in. Staff can mingle with donors at the event instead of running it.

You don’t have to outsource the entire event. Here are some ways to engage with a pro whatever your budget might be (or not be!):

  1. Run the whole show. From beginning to end, your event planners manage every detail. Website, procurement, sponsorship, ticket sales, catalog, and day of event tasks. This turn-key approach allows the organization to focus on other tasks and make sure their goals are met.
  2. Day of event. Having a trained team to manage check-in and check-out makes the process smoother for attendees as well as freeing up staff to mingle with guests and donors.
  3. Strategy session. Hire a pro to meet with your team at the start to determine how your goals will be met. Ask them for advice on selecting a venue, creating a budget and a schedule, and the best vendors to hire. This person could also train your staff and volunteers to execute the event themselves.
  4. Any combination of the above. Select someone with the experience you need who is willing to work with you and your budget. The best planners want to work with their clients to create a successful event and ideally be a partner year after year. It may not be the “whole enchilada” this year, but once they prove their value, you will wonder why you didn’t always do it this way.

We have a passion for working with non-profits to support their missions to help the community. They are experts at what they do. We are experts at what we do. Together, we create a triple win.