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Our nimble, first-class team of professional event planners, service providers, marketers and day-of-event staff can be anywhere in the world you need us to be.

We are based in Seattle, but our network is broad and our connections reach across the US and internationally.

event planner

Jackie Collard Baker (Wood)
Corbin Ball Industry Leader
of the Year Winner 2018-2019

Jackie Collard Baker (Wood)

Chief Experience Officer

Connecting people is what fuels me. In my social and professional life, I have always been the one who puts together the parties, the dinners, the vacations, the meetings. Even when it isn’t my job, it’s just what I do. So I decided to make it my career. I took everything I learned in marketing for big companies and put it into the world of event planning.

The world is changing. Many of us work remotely or live far from our families, or interact with friends, family and colleagues on social media. So when we make time for in-person connections, that time needs to be well structured, meaningful and fun! This is what builds true connections and that is my objective for SparkWood.

I love what I do. Every day I am presented with a new set of challenges, perhaps something really vague or very specific. This means every day I am given the chance to dig deep into my networks to create something unforgettable.